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Kippin it Simple. About Us

Today’s digital world calls for easy-to-use, time-saving solutions that enable people’s lives. KIPPIN derives its name from their favorite phrase, “Keeping it simple”. Founded by two Canadian entrepreneurs with one mutual goal to make people’s lives easier through simple solutions to everyday tasks.

KIPPIN recognized the opportunity to reduce unnecessary carbon footprints in the Accounting and Bookkeeping sector. They achieved this by combining sustainable technology with superior functionality to help make our world a better place.

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Three Apps that can make your life easier



Fast-forward your bookkeeping chores with KIPPIN Accounting®. Our cloud-based accounting solution allows users and accountants to conduct real-time bookkeeping from just about anywhere.



Simplify your invoicing with KIPPIN Invoice. The easy to use, a cloud-based invoicing solution that works anywhere and everywhere from any device



Consolidate your loyalty and Gift Cards with KIPPIN Rewards. Scan and upload existing cards onto your virtual rewards or purchase them in-app. Your rewards will thank you!


Know What It Does. Just In Case


Our accounting solution and app is simple and easy to use, built to make your life easier.


You can connect your bank and allow automatic import all of your bank and credit card transactions. The best part is your accountant will see it immediately. No more paper statements!

Goodbye Paper Receipts.

Take a picture of your bills and receipts on your mobile (or desktop) and it auto attaches to the respective transaction. Your life just got simpler and your accountant is a happy camper.



Simplify your invoicing with KIPPIN Invoice

On the go!

Easily send invoices wherever you are and whenever you want with the KIPPIN app (IOS and Android) or web.

Integrated Bookkeeping

Invoicing and payment transactions are automatically synchronized with your KIPPIN accounting profile.

Stay up to date

Stay on top of your business and what is going on with every invoice in a single view i.e. track partial/fully paid invoices or overdue invoices.


Send quotes/estimates and convert them to invoices once your customers approve.


Personalize your quotes and invoices by adding your own logos.


The Kippin Value Add

Virtual gift cards 

Extend your revenue by allowing customers to purchase, spend, give as a gift or donate your gift cards on the KIPPIN mobile app.

Promotions on mobile

Connect with your customers more with promotions pushed right to their phone via the KIPPIN mobile app.

Send donations

Instantly send gift cards or donations to your favorite charities.

Virtual loyalty cards

Drive commitment and devotion from your customers by offering a virtual loyalty card or punch card on the KIPPIN mobile app.



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We at KIPPIN are a green company. We believe strongly in creating an eco-friendly world for everyone and are dedicated to playing our part to make it happen!

Kippin Testimonial

Client’s Feedback

  •  “I love that KIPPIN is an easy and simple to use solution for my business. I can keep track of all of my bills, expenses, receipts, and invoices all in one place.”

  • Dan

    “KIPPIN’s mobile app makes life very easy for my customers, It allows them the ability to view their financial information on the go and take pictures of their receipts from their mobile device and presents these receipts to me real time.”

  • ” I really want to keep repeating how much I love KIPPIN. We are able to perform our quarterly bookkeeping in almost a third of the time it use to take us when compared to previously used accounting applications.”

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