The pandemic is one of the circumstances that challenge the business’s ability to adapt quickly. Agility is a rising strategy used by organizations to gain a competitive advantage and remain on top amidst the risks and demands of the industry, economy, market, and times.

Agile businesses can quickly recalibrate to survive disruptions and take advantage of opportunities. Now more than ever, companies need to plan to become more agile in these times of uncertainty and exponential change.

Aligning Mindset with Behavior

Transforming the business to become more agile requires a mindset – a vision that emphasizes innovation, customer value, self-organized teams, networking, and collaboration. Adopting an agile strategy means changing the organizational structure to make it more fluid and quick with decisions.

Making the business more agile requires planning and proper execution, as it is so different from the traditional bureaucratic business setup. There should be a clear implementation plan to put the vision into practice. The plan should also identify parts of the organization that needs transformation and how to do it. Resources and time should also be set aside, so implementation takes momentum but is still manageable.

Focus Priorities

Transforming the business into becoming more adaptable means focusing organizational priorities on a small list. Identifying only key priorities at a time allows the business to act on aspects that require more immediate attention. As the organization completes each priority, new ones that represent the next urgent priority may be added depending on the current conditions. Having a shorter list allows for a quick adjustment to changes and new stimuli.

Focus Priorities

Autonomous Company Culture

A business cannot be agile if its employees go through a supervisor every time a decision is to be made. Agile business means having a flexible business culture that allows for a quick response without numerous meetings and replannings. As employees are more aware of the projects and activities they handle, they should also be more empowered in making decisions with the tasks they handle.

Provide  Better Transparency

Adopting an autonomous company culture entails better transparency across the organization. As agile businesses push authority and decision-making down the chain of command, it creates a concern for direction. Transparency addresses this by opening communication and collaboration opportunities among team members and the management. It also enhances accountability since members know how important their role is in relation to the business’s overall success.

Provide Better Transparency

Invest in Innovative Technology

Investing in technologies that automate business processes and make operations more efficient is a key characteristic in an agile business. For example, cloud accounting solutions reduce redundancies in accounting records and lessen the time and effort required in completing accounting tasks. It also allows mobility by enabling remote access to the accounting system. Technologies such as this grant small businesses flexibility to handle tasks anywhere and more time on critical tasks.

Kippin — a Flexible Accounting Solution That Supports Agile Businesses

KIPPIN, from the phrase “Keeping it simple,” aims to make businesses’ operations easier by providing simple solutions to everyday tasks. We offer invoicing, tax, accounting and bookkeeping services – all on the cloud. It is a top choice in accounting solutions that provide flexibility, convenience, and mobility to organizations moving to become more agile businesses.

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