DO IT YOURSELF ACCOUNTING FOR Individuals That Understand Accounting

Looking for a simple and easy tool to manage your small business? Tired of those multiple spreadsheets and time-consuming methods?

Let our accounting platform take charge and automate the process for you. Its that simple.


  • Simple User Interface
  • Automation
  • Graphical Reporting
  • Integrated Invoicing

KIPPIN Accounting

How does it work?

Simply Register.

Connect your bank to receive your bank transactions.

This can be done on the mobile app or web once you log in.

Upload your receipts.

Upload your business receipts from the mobile app or web also. This automatically attaches each receipt to your respective bank transactions as they come in.

Reconcile your transactions.

Simply sort transactions into what they are for. If these transactions occur regularly, you can have these automatically sorted for you next time.

Keep an eye on your business.

Our reports help you stay one step ahead by providing a view into the financial state of your business

Need assistance from your accountant?

Invite your accountant in. You control the access while your accountant is able to assist and take care of tasks that may be too complex for you.

Tired of doing your own books? Need an accountant?

If you are tired of doing your own books or need an accountant, we can do it all for you. Upgrade your account to one of our Accounting as a Service Package (Contact Us for assistance)

Make tax time simple.

With everything organized and in synch, tax time becomes simple.

Its time to use digital technology that provides you with real time financial business insight to help grow your business. Join Us Now….

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