Best Accounting and Invoicing platform

Accounting and invoicing are important activities for any business. Accounting helps in decision making, planning, and controlling processes. It helps small businesses ascertain their financial position so they are able to know which direction to drive their business to.

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform is well suited for all types of business financial needs. It performs all your invoicing and quotes, manages your billing, maintains all your contacts, keeps the accounts, controls your stock inventory and helps with decision making strategies. It is easy to use and has an attractive interface.

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform helps improve accounting efficiency with reduced costs and error free taxation. It is free for the first 6 months. It has a very intuitive interface that aids in creating user-friendly invoices, maintaining purchase records and generating automatic e-billing. With a few clicks, it quickly and easily generates sales and purchase reports. With the KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform, businesses can easily and efficiently control accounts, purchases, sales, inventory, finances and various other processes.

Features of KIPPIN – Best Accounting and Invoicing platform

  • Create and Customize Invoices:

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform allows you to easily access information from anywhere to create and personalize invoices. You can build an invoice from scratch and add information like customer name, amount, discounts, quantity etc. Also, you can simply fill in the fields by using built-in templates. It also allows you to modify your invoices by including your image or corporate logo.

  • Reconcile Accounts:

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform keeps track of all your accounts. It includes general ledger function and statement reconciliation. It provides the ability to link your bank accounts which allows you to import data from your bank into its accounting platform.

  • Reports:

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform generates various types of reports like accounts receivable, accounts payable, income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and payroll summary. It also allows for report customization. The reports generated and data analyzed provides insight into your business like, number of outstanding invoices, average time for a payment cycle, number of clients paying on time, and how many of them pay late.

  • Invoice Processing:

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform provides the ability to invoice your clients. It gives you information related to money like from whom, how much, and when to expect payment. Also it allows you to email and print invoices. It stores basic customer data like names, addresses, and account number. The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform allows you to create new clients or import a client that is already part of the KIPPIN platform by simply typing their email address. It has the ability to transform quotes approved by clients into invoices and automatically resend them.

  • Automated Invoicing:

This is one of the most important feature of KIPPIN’s accounting and invoicing platform that ensures revenue is never delayed because you’ve forgotten to send out an invoice. It supports automated statements and late reminders to customers.

  • Payment Processing:

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform provides the ability for customers to pay their bills electronically. This results in time savings in processing checks or making bank deposits and enhances security for payments. It eliminates the need of waiting for checks in the mail or running to the bank to make deposits as it supports direct deposits into your checking account. Also, it makes managing and processing payment easy. The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform has the option to integrate with different online payment platform that process credit card payments. It also has the functionality to track offline payments.

What makes KIPPIN the best accounting and invoicing platform?

KIPPIN’s accounting and invoicing platform provides users with the following benefits making it the best accounting and invoicing platform.

  • Speed:

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform makes the accounting process run quick and easy, thus providing more efficiency in the process. It allows you to print professional-looking invoices fast, eliminating the manual process. Invoices can now be sent electronically and instantly.

  • Digitized Invoicing:

A major advantage of using KIPPIN’s accounting and invoicing platform are the reports it provides that displays status of paid and unpaid invoices. It shows who owes you, how much and for how long. This helps you take control of your finances and minimizing any loss. It gives prompt and reliable information helping your business run efficiently.

  • Automation:

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform helps you make fewer mistakes in when inputting amounts. The system auto performs all calculations allowing you to include tax percentages when required. This helps when you have detailed invoices where hours or specific items are billed at different rates. With the KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform you can easily pick and choose items from a listing allowing for quick invoice creation, thus limiting human intervention and potential typing errors..

  • Organization:

When you prepare invoices manually you can lose or forget some important information. An invoice may even get lost in the mail or the name of the intended recipient of the invoice might get incorrectly written in a manual system. The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform keeps all your data organized in one place to be reviewed and resent in case of issues. You can look for invoices based on names, invoice numbers or amounts, thus making the process seamless and more organized.

  • Accuracy:

The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform helps you keep exact records of your books. It performs all the necessary calculations for you so that your financial data has a high level of accuracy. It makes it easier to access and provide exact and accurate information. The KIPPIN accounting and invoicing platform that eliminates the need to depend on paper record by providing computerized digital data which helps in decreasing mistakes.

  • Time-Saving:

The most important advantage of KIPPIN’s accounting and invoicing platform, is that it saves a lot of time over manual bookkeeping. It helps in completing front-end business documents and back-end transaction recordings simultaneously. It allows you to create customer invoices and send them in an expedient manner. KIPPIN’s accounting and invoicing platform helps business owners to focus on other areas of their business knowing that they books are in good hands.

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