An accounting software is a class of computer programs which is built and setup up to store and manage your business’s financial transactions. It manages the accounts and also performs arithmetic or accounting operation. Its main purpose is to keep a record of the internal and external financial expenses. KIPPIN is the best accounting platform for small businesses.

An accounting software adds accuracy and proficiency to your business by keeping you informed about the various finance-related business needs. It helps users or accountants to record and monitor their cash flow which helps in preventing any future financial loss and with decision making.

Accounting software’s contain various tools to create bills/ reports, track costs, process payments, and improve communication. It also helps to reduce the time spent and cost related to accounting tasks. It may also contain efficient functionalities like accounts receivable and payable, payroll, bookkeeping etc.

KIPPIN is an accounting and invoicing platform which derives its name from the phrase, “Keeping it simple”. It was founded by two Canadian entrepreneurs so as to deliver easy-to-use and time-saving solutions. The goal is to make people’s lives better and easier by providing them with simple solutions to everyday tasks. The KIPPIN accounting platform helps to reduce unnecessary carbon footprints in the Accounting and Bookkeeping sector. We combine sustainable technology with superior functionality to help make the world a better place.

The KIPPIN accounting platform is simple and easy to use. It allows you take pictures of your bills and receipts on your mobile device and attaches the same image automatically to the respective transaction. It automatically imports all your bank feeds when connected to your bank. A robust accounting system is a must for the success of any company.

Features of KIPPIN Accounting Platform

  • Security:

KIPPIN accounting platform ensures the security of your data. Our accounting software makes sure that your financial and highly confidential data is protected with no security problems. Our customers trust us because of the importance of how we prioritize the security and confidentially of our customers data.

  • Automation:

Rather than manually creating invoices or financial data, the KIPPIN accounting platform automatically formulates reports and invoices. One can easily print the reports or invoices without much effort. With this automated, work can be done quickly and efficiently rather than waiting for data to be inserted manually.

  • Cloud computing:

Cloud computing is the backbone of the KIPPIN accounting platform. It is the best and the latest way of using accounting systems through different gadgets. Also, it uses online security software to encrypt all data transmitted and stored. It allows multiple users to take advantage of the accounting system. One of its main advantages is that it is faster than desktop installations.

  • Insights:

The KIPPIN accounting platform gives a full view of the financial status of a business. One can view the specific pages to get a detailed insight into each area of work.

  • Communication:

The KIPPIN accounting platform manages the financial processes of the whole company like employee salaries, orders of customers etc. It allows multiple users to connect to each other in order to make the work smoother. It is not a simple software that looks into basic financial processes rather it is a complex platform which is based on cloud computing. Through automated bank integration it allows you to manage your bank statement feeds, credit cards, investments, income and expenditure all in one place and from any device..

  • Reports:

The KIPPIN accounting platform keeps a track of your finances, banking transactions and sales revenues and investments. It generates reports which help company understand the financial position.

Why is KIPPIN the Best Accounting Platform for Small Businesses?

  • Saves Time:

The KIPPIN accounting platform helps you save time and effort. It stores and manages all the necessary financial details of a business including transactions, invoices, credit notes, and other relevant documents. It allows you to concentrate and be more productive in business management as opposed to the financial wellness of your small business.

  • Evaluate Your Business:

With the KIPPIN accounting platform you can evaluate your business performance on a daily/monthly/yearly basis. It helps you view profit/ loss reports so that you can see what is affecting your business. Consequently, you can view when and which area of your business is performing best.

  • Easy to use:

The KIPPIN accounting platform has well-explained instructions which makes it easy to to understand and use. This helps small and start-up companies who cannot hire full-time accountants.

  • Quick payments:

The KIPPIN accounting platform supports quick payments by enabling remote payment of invoices.

  • Financial Updates:

The KIPPIN accounting platform simplifies your daily activities, bookkeeping essentials, and taxation details. You don’t need to remember all the financial details anymore. You just need to make certain updates from time to time and once the details are saved on the platform, the details of your business will be displayed with just a single click.

  • Sharing:

The KIPPIN accounting platform is a multi user platform.It enables collaboration between client and their accountant or bookkeeper.


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