The Internet has become an integral part of people’s lives. This behavior was emphasized more when the Covid-19 pandemic happened, with more people going online to look for a service or product.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) survey showed that the pandemic accelerated the shift towards a more digital world and that these transformations will outlast Covid-19. This change includes the faster development of e-commerce platforms. Now more than ever, companies can gain enormous opportunities in selling their products online.

But moving from a physical business to a digital one would take lots of planning and support. Here are some of the features that small companies can get when adopting an e-commerce business model.

E-commerce Features Small Businesses Must Possess to Remain Competitive

Personalized Product Catalog

A good product catalog provides the details to help the customers make the right purchase decision. An excellent product catalog should offer a positive customer experience, allow cross-selling and upselling, and provide faster time-to-market. Ideally, it should also provide a unique and personalized experience for every customer group.

Personalizing product catalogs differentiate the business from competitors. A personalized catalog can make recommendations that are attuned to each customer. Fortunately, there are e-commerce catalog tools that allow businesses to create and test various content experiences targeted at different audience segments.

Reorder Capabilities

The business’ success is not only measured by the number of new customers it generates but also by its reorders from existing clients.  Adding a reorder feature in the e-commerce platform enhances the customer journey and engagement with the business. A tab or button that allows customers to make a repurchase saves time and reduces the effort of looking for the products again.

Information Security

Fortifying the security of e-commerce platforms is essential in securing customer trust. The top security elements that business websites must possess are encryption, digital signatures, and security certificates.

Encryption is the most practical way of protecting the data transmitted through a network by converting them into codes. Meanwhile, a digital signature confirms the authenticity of the information. Finally, security certificates give businesses a unique digital identity and encryption, thereby making them more trustworthy.

Information Security

Integration With Other Technologies

E-commerce businesses also need the capabilities of modern tools like customer relationship management (CRM), digital marketing, data analytics, and bookkeeper software. Integrating the platform with these tools streamlines operations and allows the firm to offer a better customer experience.

In particular, simple business accounting software has the power to automate some e-commerce activities like invoicing and accepting customer payments. The software also allows better decision-making through graphs and chart features that allow business owners to view its performance from different perspectives. Management can also monitor their revenue and outstanding receivables.

Support E-commerce Transformation With Practical


Transforming the business to adopt an e-commerce business model is a big and difficult change. But with the right technology, the transition would be a lot smoother and simpler. Solutions like KIPPIN offer small businesses supplementary e-commerce features to support their online operations.


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