What is Kippin?

Please visit our “About Us” Page on our website to learn more about us.

What is KIPPIN Accounting?

KIPPIN is a cloud based mobile bookkeeping service tailored to simplify your accounting needs.

What is KIPPIN Rewards?

KIPPIN Rewards is a free-to-use service that is dedicated to decluttering your rewards by giving you a digital alternative for card management whilst also providing a means of subscribing to merchants loyalty programs, purchasing gift cards from your favorite merchants, sending gift cards to friends/family or charities, receiving promotions straight to your phone or just comparing items from merchants.

What platforms can I use KIPPIN on?

We operate on both iOS and Android devices.

How do I contact KIPPIN?

You can contact us on our website and/or by visiting the “Contact Us” tab located in the shortcut menu on the mobile app.

Where do I find news and updates about KIPPIN?

You can keep up with us on our various social media and on our blog.

Is the information I provide KIPPIN secure?

Here at KIPPIN, we take your data security seriously so we utilize 128-bit encryption to secure your data & SSL for communication.

What does the KIPPIN app need my location services for?

KIPPIN requires your location for registration purposes to ensure the right services are provided to you based on your location.

Where do I find KIPPIN Terms and Conditions of Service?

Our Terms & Conditions are made readily available – upon registration, on the website and mobile app.

I forgot my login information. How do I retrieve it?

Click the “Forgot Password” button and a password reset will be sent to the email you provided during registration.

I need a quick tutorial on how to use KIPPIN. Where should I go?

Login via the web and click on your profile to reveal our documentation section for guidance.

Can I use the same email and username within the finance and rewards suites of the KIPPIN app?

Yes you can! We like to keep it simple.

I reside outside Canada. Can I use KIPPIN services?

KIPPIN is globally available.

Is KIPPIN an environmentally friendly company?

Yes! We at KIPPIN are a green company. We believe strongly in creating an eco-friendly world for everyone and are dedicated to playing our part to make it happen!

If I run into an issue how do I get support from KIPPIN?

We are always here to assist and support you. If you run into any issues, please email us at contact@kippinitsimple.com