Customer expectations with regard to financial services are simple – help them achieve their goals, offer solutions to their problems, and provide them with a positive experience. However, from the service provider’s perspective, addressing these customer needs is more complicated.

For example, delivering customer satisfaction entails employing a user-friendly interface, anticipating market trends, and personalizing customer service. Additionally, these key customer needs can also be dissected into more specific demands like confidence, safety, trust, and security.

In today’s time, are financial services equipped to deliver what the market needs? Here are some of the ways the financial sector addresses key customer needs.

How Financial Services Address Key Customer Needs


There are many types of financial services, from banking for the general population to online bookkeeping services for businesses. For both individual and corporate consumers, financial access is important so that they acquire the facilities and potential to do more financially.

Service providers deliver this need through the expansion of resources to disadvantaged populations. Particularly, banks are now implementing financial inclusion support services to reach populations or areas with very limited financial service access.

Moreover, financial companies are also increasing the ease and accessibility of their services by increasing mobile and cloud capabilities. With digital onboarding, consumers can now use banking, accounting, and management facilities using their phones and other mobile devices without having to go out.


Anything that relates to money has a high chance of being subject to fraud and other crimes. Financial providers provide security primarily through adhering to the industry standards and regulations relating to their services.

Some compliance requirements of online financial services include Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and Payment Services Directive (PSD2). These compliance requirements are put in place as a minimum standard of protection to safeguard the platform, customers, and the industry against cyber threats.



In this age where innovation drives the world, consumer options are also increasing. Consumers can now acquire financial products and services through various channels like the web, their phones, physical branches, and more. Digital transformation also enabled the interaction of services across multiple industries in a frictionless and always-available system.

Support on Decision-Making

Another underemphasized need of financial customers is decision-making assistance. Whether it be in the form of information or professional advice, the best financial service is one that guides clients into making the optimal choice.

For example, the core of free accounting software for small businesses is to help the companies make the right decisions based on the result of their operations. Therefore, the program should be convenient, accurate, and reliable in generating financial statements so that entrepreneurs can make timely and relevant decisions.

Accounting Services That Deliver the Needs of Small Business

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