How Does It Work?

Managing a small business can be daunting. Now imagine running a business and trying to manage its financials at the same time. This is no easy feat.


Download our app and connect to your bank.

This can be done on the mobile app or web once you log in.

Upload your receipts.

Upload your business receipts from the mobile app or web also. This auto attaches them to your bank transactions.

That’s it!

Our bookkeepers will handle all your bookkeeping. They will reconcile all your transactions and send your monthly financial reports.

We do your tax returns and payroll.

Our accountants will handle all your accounts i.e bookkeeping, yearly business tax returns, payroll, and sales taxes. They will also provide you with advice and support


AaaS stands for ‘Accounting as a service’. This means KIPPIN provides our clients with bookkeeping and accounting services for a fixed monthly fee.

Now you just have to establish a connection to your bank through our web portal (see tutorial video here). This authorizes your bank to provide us with real time bank statement feeds for reconciliation purposes. KIPPIN does not store any banking information.

The mobile app allows you to upload your receipts and view all your transactions on the go. If time permits, you can even help us out by classifying what some transactions are for (i.e. parking, meal, rent, etc.)

No. Our service has a flat fee. See our pricing page for more details.

We provide bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax, corporate tax planning, monthly/yearly reporting and year end corporate tax filing.

Yes, we provide a software only solution. Navigate to our products page and click on Accounting.. we call it the “Do it Yourself” accounting product. Off course if you change your mind you can always subscribe to our accounting as a service package by simply contacting us.

No. You are free to cancel at anytime.

What our Client Says