KIPPIN – Our Accounting as a Service package offers a variety of services from payroll to accounts receivable to bookkeeping. Small business owners are attracted by the projected savings in resource cost and time which can now be redirected to their company’s core business objective.

KIPPIN – Our Accounting as a Service package provides small businesses with support for their accounting needs. This helps small businesses run their business with confidence, knowing that their accounting and bookkeeping services are being taken care of.

Our team of financial specialists help small businesses lighten their workload by providing end to end financial management.

KIPPIN - Accounting As A Service

Above all, we pride ourselves with a focus on security by ensuring that our security architecture uses the latest encryption algorithm whilst ensuring all data is transmitted via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

As your privacy is critical to our business, we do not store any credit card data, instead we provide a pass-through service through our partnership with major financial and processing institutions that provide account aggregation and data processing respectively.

Services offered by KIPPIN – Accounting as a Service

KIPPIN – Our Accounting as a Service package assists small businesses with various accounting tasks such as:

  • Tax filing and bookkeeping services

Assistance with bookkeeping, tax preparation, and filing is a key service offering. This ensures small businesses understand all spend that occurs throughout the course of their business.

Accounts Processing

We processes accounts payable, issuing payments on behalf of our clients and generating monthly reports.

Our reports ensure that our clients are one step ahead in terms of understanding their financial position on a monthly basis, thus empowering them with the ability to perform monthly data analysis, leading to good business decisions.

  • Payroll Services

Filing of payroll taxes, deduction calculations, and other employee benefits.

  • Accuracy

The financial accuracy of any small business, is vital to the survival of the business. A simple financial error can have a spiraling impact to a  business. Therefore, we help eliminate a variety of mistakes by having experts within our pool of resources review your records for accuracy. Consequently, this ensures you have a second pair of eyes looking over your financials.

  • Invoicing

Our automated invoicing workflow eliminates the possibility of human error. Moreover, it streamlines the process from start to finish in an automated and simple fashion. Invoicing brings revenue to your company and collecting and tracking overdue invoices is by far the most difficult part of running a business. Poorly tracked invoices could lead to financial inaccuracy. By digitizing invoices we save paper and postage which ultimately improves your bottom line.

  • Cash Flow

Our exceedingly intelligent system helps us provide you with a quick breakdown of incoming and outgoing cash flow and cash-equivalents being transferred into and out of a business. At the most fundamental level, a company’s ability to create value for shareholders is determined by its ability to generate positive cash flows, or more specifically, maximize long-term free cash flow.

  • Reporting

Our solution helps business owners document and track their business monetary transactions like deposits, withdrawals, sales revenue, and investments. We generate numerous elaborate reports like income statements, general ledger reports, balance sheet and many more.

Our main objective is to be able to provide monthly status reports with suggestive actions for each business.


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