There are a variety of apps used for a variety of different functions today. Many of these apps help you achieve your different objectives. One such app is an accounting app. An accounting app helps you to have a good understanding of how well your business is performing from a financial outlook perspective. It provides remote access capabilities from a mobile platform with a simple user interface, thus improving the overall user experience. KIPPIN’s free Accounting App provides you with all the accounting features that are important to your business.

Accounting apps are usually inexpensive so they are preferred by many small businesses, start-ups and price-conscious business owners for business accounting. They are therefore used by many solo businessman and entrepreneurs operating micro-businesses who don’t need a fully-fledged accounting application.

Some apps are free whereas some may require you to make a small payment to unlock all the features.

The KIPPIN accounting app allows busy professionals to check their company account balances, manage cash flow, and invoice clients anywhere and anytime. It is a new Android and IOS accounting mobile app which is changing the way people manage their business financials. It makes it easier to handle everyday accounting tasks whenever you want. The app includes various functionalities like sending invoices and accepting payments, tracking receipts and planning budgets.

Features of KIPPIN – The Free Accounting App

  • Basic Accounting Tasks:

The KIPPIN accounting app allows you to perform basic financial tasks in order to manage the accounting needs of your business. It allows you to perform accounting functions like accounts payable and accounts receivable, general ledger functionality, fixed assets, and bank reconciliation.

  • Receipt Management:

The free KIPPIN accounting app helps you to scan and upload receipts. It also allows you to turn receipts into instant expense reports which make it easier to track and manage expenses incurred.

  • Access Database:

The KIPPIN accounting app allows you to check and review your financial records and transactions in real-time. A financial database is of great use to access the data whenever required.

  • Billing and Invoicing:

The KIPPIN app enables ease of invoice tracking of unpaid invoices from customers and the creation of invoices with just a few clicks. It automates the the process allowing for payment to be made online through credit cards etc.

  • Security:

The KIPPIN accounting app makes sure that your data is secured with us. Our app protects your financial and highly confidential data with no security problems. Because of the trust and security that we provide our customers have good faith in us.

What makes the KIPPIN accounting app the best free accounting app?

  • Its Allows users access their company’s accounting system from anywhere.
  • It is fast, secure and easy to use accounting app.
  • It provides various features and functionalities when you sync your licensed account.
  • It supports an unlimited bank and credit card connections.
  • It provides users with the ability to view their cash balances and invoice status and track their income and expenses.
  • It helps you evaluate your business performance on a daily/monthly/yearly basis.
  • It Allows you to store your customer and supplier contact details which makes it easy to look up data whenever needed.
  • It Supports various payment options like credit card, etc.
  • It’s allows for invoice template customization.
  • It supports global business transactions and taxes related to those transactions.
  • It automatically generates various accounting reports like sales tax, cash flow, and profit and loss reports.
  • It helps companies reduce their costs and expenditures and also encourages more financially responsible decision-making.

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