KIPPIN – Best Online Accounting Platform

Online accounting platforms track financial transactions like general ledger, accounts payable/receivable, payroll and reports within an organization. Rather than installing accounting software locally onto company computers, online accounting systems are specifically designed to be used online. This reduces the requirements for server hardware, local backups, and maintenance which help in reducing overall cost. The KIPPIN online accounting platform, allows users and accountants to fast-forward their bookkeeping chores.

The KIPPIN online accounting platform helps you keep track of all your business income and expenses including detailed financial reports. It eliminates the need to install and maintain software on local devices. It allows employees all over the organization to access the same data easily. This reduces the cost of installing and maintaining the software across the organization. The KIPPIN online accounting platform allows you to create invoices, manage accounts payable and receivables, manage bills and expenses, connect bank/credit card accounts and generate reports. It provides more convenience and advantages to businesses by saving them time and money.

Features of KIPPIN – Best Online Accounting Platform:

  • Reconcile Business Accounts:

The KIPPIN online accounting platform allows you to seamlessly reconcile your accounts. It ensures that all transactions are  accounted for. It helps maintain your account so that your books are in order. KIPPIN – The best online accounting platform speeds up and automates the comparison of transactions. It prepares a comprehensive report for a business to make data-driven decisions.

  • Sales and Purchase Management:

The KIPPIN online accounting solution allows you to manage and modify invoices. It allows you to schedule and automatically send invoices inclusive or exclusive of taxes. It also helps you to track paid and overdue invoices. KIPPIN – The best online accounting platform automates your invoicing process and allows you to create and send customized invoices easily having your company logo and contact information. You can add any item and related information to your invoice without wasting any time. It maintains your cash flow and helps you get paid faster.

  • Manage Recurring Transaction:

The KIPPIN online accounting platform keeps a record of your recurring business transactions like creating, saving and sending custom invoices. It then automatically posts the scheduled transactions and emails the invoices to your contacts which speed up the process.

  • Reports:

The KIPPIN online accounting platform presents you with various accounting reports letting you master your finances. This eliminates the need of waiting until the end of the month to know how well your business is performing. It allows you to access your trial balance, sales reports, balance sheet, purchase reports, profit and loss statement and other financial reports easily.

  • Optimize Business Expenditure:

The KIPPIN online accounting software allows you to create your budgets, plan your financial performance and allocate optimal resources. It provides budget related reports for your consumption and deeper understanding of the company’s financial position. This helps in bringing professionalism to your estimates of the business revenue and expenditure. The KIPPIN online accounting software enables you to track your company’s performance and compare your actuals against the budgeted amounts.

  • Manage Customer List:

The KIPPIN online accounting software ensures the success of your business by keeping track of your contact list. It allows you to add, update and edit your contact details and mark them as your customers or vendors. It also helps you to track overdue invoices for the accurate and successful transactions.

Why is KIPPIN online accounting platform is the best online accounting platform?

The KIPPIN online accounting platform offers the following benefits:

  • 6 Months Free:

The KIPPIN online accounting platform that is free for 6 months. Rather than paying a large installation fee users can subscribe to a plan. Users are allowed to pay a monthly subscription fee rather than a large one time fee.

  • Accessible 24/7, 7 days a week:

The KIPPIN online accounting platform can be operated 24/7 from all over the world allowing payments to be made round the clock. It has the feature of automatically making the payments on the set date so that no overdue charges are levied. .

  • Saves Money:

The KIPPIN online accounting platform eliminates the need to pay large infrastructure charges requiring regular maintenance. It provides a pay as you use type service.

  • Reduced IT Burden:

The KIPPIN online accounting platform that handles all aspects like back-ups, automatic updates, maintenance and also lowers the IT hardware charges. This helps in saving considerable time and money on IT infrastructure.

  • Security:

The KIPPIN online accounting software provides security by protecting your data from theft and cyber hacking. It keeps your data safe from hackers and online scammers by storing data in encrypted form. As a result, this helps in saving your business accounting data from theft, on-premise crash or other hazards to company computers.

  • Improves Interaction:

The KIPPIN online accounting software supports functions such as online payments and employee portals. In order to improve the sales and communication, it supports a user interface for business employees and customers. The KIPPIN online accounting platform automatically updates a company’s books by integrating with accounts payable/receivable and the general ledger which helps in saving time and increases the flexibility of communication and collaboration.


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