Going digital is one of the top goals of companies in today’s generation. Technology in businesses now represents the potential for cost savings, productivity, revenue growth, agility, and more. It also provides businesses with the power to gain a competitive advantage with its wide options and capabilities.

However, in the face of the widespread digital transformation, some industries and organizations still struggle with breaking the barriers towards technology adoption. For example, some still think that only big enterprises can afford to integrate advanced systems into their operations, management, and other tasks. This is a big misconception as many developers now target small businesses.

To successfully adopt a technology mindset, companies must first move away from their misapprehensions about technology. Additionally, companies need to understand what it means to have a digital mindset.

Small Business Owners on Adopting a Technology Mindset


Embracing an Agile Mindset

Adopting a technology mindset means preparing the company for any disruptions in its landscape of work and organizational ecosystem. With technology, the business has the right capabilities to anticipate changes and adapt when the unexpected does come. Examples of tools that can support this agile approach include Business process management (BPM) software and Customer relationship management (CRM).


The pandemic is proof of how unpredictable the world could be. When conditions such as these disturb normal business operations, technology can help the organization cope. Examples of technology that helped support the remote working setup are project management and team collaboration tools.

Collaborative Approach

Modern business models call for decentralization. For this to work, the teams, departments, and members need to communicate and work together to reach the organization’s goals. When disturbances occur, being able to collaborate even at a distance will help the company make sense of the confusion and define emergent practices that work. The real-time control and cloud capabilities of tools like Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and business accounting software are the solutions companies need for remote collaboration.

Growth Mindset


Growth Mindset

No business wants to remain in the same capacity and work at the same level for a long time.  Having a growth mindset is a good starting point to realize the advantages of digital solutions. Companies with this mindset are more likely to take every opportunity to pull the resources they need to perform better. Additionally, adopting and practicing this mentality facilitates its members to become agile and to adjust to a rapidly changing and ambiguous world.

Support Small Business Activities With the Right Technology

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